Andy Gleadow

Professor Andy Gleadow has been a pioneer in the development of fission track dating methods for understanding the thermal and tectonic evolution of the continental crust, establishing Australia at the forefront of this field internationally. 

He has published widely on fission track and other thermochronological methods, especially as applied to extensional tectonics, the evolution of cratons and orogenic belts, sedimentary basin analysis, and landscape evolution. He currently leads a major collaborative dating project aimed at establishing a robust time scale for the remarkable Indigenous rock art of the Kimberley Region of NW Australia. He has been Head of the Schools of Earth Sciences at both Melbourne and La Trobe Universities, and many other roles.

His work has been recognised by numerous awards, including the Geological Society of Australia, the Gold Medal of the Australian Institute of Nuclear Science and Engineering, the Centenary Medal of the Australian Government. He is currently a Director of the Kimberley Foundation Australia and has previously served as President of the Geological Society of Australia and Councillor for the Australian Academy of Science. In 2017, he was made an Officer in the Order of Australia for distinguished service to the earth sciences and education

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