Dr. Mike Zolensky

Dr. Michael Zolensky works on the characterization of the chemical weathering record of asteroids and primitive mineralogy of comets at NASA. He is currently leading efforts to locate and characterize aqueous fluid inclusions in astromaterials. 

He has led or participated in successful meteorite recovery expeditions on four continents and developed techniques for characterization of meteoroid and space debris impact features on spacecraft. Dr Zolensky has also led the effort to characterize the impact record of the Long Duration Exposure Facility (LDEF) satellite and developed new techniques for the analysis of microparticles. 

He led sample analysis teams for the Stardust comet coma dust return mission, and the Hayabusa asteroid regolith sample return mission. Now he is on the Hayabusa2 mission science team, which is developing the next generation of astromaterial sample handling and analysis protocols.

Dr. Michael Zolensky will be speaking at

“Leading Scientists Presentations” Sunday Event.