Our Story

Murchison will celebrate the 50th Anniversary of the meteorite landing during the month of September with major events occurring from Friday 27 to Sunday 29 September, 2019. The meteorite falling is world famous after landing in Murchison on the 28 September 1969.

Murchison Meteorite planning committee is a sub-committee of Murchison and District Historical Society Inc working alongside Murchison Neighbourhood House, co-opting key members of the community to ensure broad involvement due to the importance of such a major celestial event.


The Murchison meteorite (Mm) that fell to earth and broke up in the skies over Murchison on the 28th of September 1969. As the Mm has become more and more valued by the scientific world in the intervening years, and is the most studied of all meteorites to land on earth, recognition of the event is a must. The fragment of the Mm is on display at the Murchison History Society and is the key piece of history within the centre. When the Mm landed in 1969, it put Murchison ‘on the map’ and this event will further imprint our little town firmly ‘on the map’ and lead tourists and visitors to our region.

Murchison meteorite 50th Anniversary celebrations generously supported by:

* Australian Geoscience Council

* Avonlea Flowers

* Caledonian Hotel

* Dotz for Kidz

* Goulburn Valley Water

* Greater Shepparton City Council

* GV Community Energy

*  John Ferguson

*  John Vandermeer

* J & J Sanderson

* Lindsay’s Jewels and Gifts

* Lions Club of Murchison & District

* Longleat Winery

* Murchison Bakery & Tea Rooms

* Murchison East Caravan Park

* Murchison Hair Design

* Murchison Medical Clinic


* Murchison Neighbourhood House

* Murchison Pharmacy

* Murchison Post Office

* Murchison River Road Caravan Park

* Murchison Service Station

* Murchison Supa Valu Centre

* Noorilim Estate

* Rachel & Trevor Smith

* Railway Hotel Murchison East

* Rodney Printers

* Rushworth & District Community Bank ®

* Rust Repurposed

* Shell Murchison East Service Station

* Steph Ryan MP

* T & B 4×4 Creations

* Willowood Equicentre