Professor Trevor Ireland

Professor Trevor Ireland  serving on the ANU Academic Board . Professor Ireland has experienced all aspects of ANU life from student to research fellow to Professor interspersed with appointments at universities in USA and Germany. Professor Ireland has had a truly fortunate career and would like to pay back on some of his experience to benefit future generations at ANU.

Professor Ireland scientific interests lie in the chemical and isotopic analysis of natural materials, particularly applied to studies of extraterrestrial materials (Moon, meteorites, asteroids). Since his PhD he has had an interest in the development of analytical instrumentation for chemical and isotopic analysis, as well as using new techniques. Professor Ireland completed his undergraduate studies in geology and physics at Otago University and his PhD at ANU on the newly completed SHRIMP mass spectrometer.

Professor Ireland has held postdoctoral positions at Washington University in St Louis, at Max Plank Institute for Chemistry in Mainz, at UCLA, as well as QEII and Research Fellowships at ANU. Professor Ireland also held a faculty position at Stanford University before coming back to ANU in 2000.

Prof. Trevor Ireland will be speaking at

“Leading Scientists Presentations” Sunday Event.